The Bosch 800 Series 24 In. Dishwasher is packed with perks and features. The 3rd Rack offers easy-loading silverware tines for cleaning flatware. The unique v-shape of the rack provides the perfect space for large utensils and ramekins in the center while providing space for wine glasses on the sides. Hand washing large items such as oversized platters and cookie sheets becomes unnecessary with the extra tall item sprinkler. Just remove the top rack to accommodate items up to 22 inches tall. The Eco Cycle, best for delicate dishes and glasses, decreases energy usage by lowering temperature and cycle length. By operating at a higher temperature, the Sanitize option can be added to cycles to achieve the NSF standard of cleanliness, eliminating 99.9% of bacteria and enhancing your drying results. AquaStop turns itself on working 24/7 to prevent water leaks before they even touch the floor! Plus, this dishwasher is so quiet (39 dBA) you’ll barely notice it is on.

  • 800 Series 24 In. Dishwasher with Pocket Door Handle
  • Touch control
  • 39 dBA quiet operation
  • 6 cycles/6 options
  • Flexible third rack
  • EasyGlide rack system
  • 2 flip tines on the upper level
  • FlexSpace tines
  • Speed60 cycle
  • ExtraDry option
  • RackMatic
  • InfoLight
  • 24/7 AquaStop