9 Gallon Recirculating Humidifier - Multi-Room Concole Humidifier

Lasko’s 9-gallon recirculating humidifier is ideal for open floor plans and large living areas up to 3200 square feet. The removable 4.5 gallon water tank with easy-carry handle simplifies fill-ups. The continuous water recirculation self-cleans the filter to maintain high efficiency. Continuous circulation of water through the unit keeps the entire filter moist for maximum, evaporative moisture output. You get cool, clean invisible moisture, without white dust or over-humidification.

  • Humidifies area up to 3200 sq. ft. with 9-gallon moisture output per day
  • Manual, adjustable humidistat for personalized comfort
  • 3 comfort control speeds with on/off indicator light
  • Easy-to-fill, removable 4.5-gallon water tank with dual handles
  • Continuous water recirculation self-cleans filter
  • Cascading waterfall window shows it is working
  • Caster wheels for mobility on any surface
  • U.L. listed